Auto Client Care: Training to Deliver Results on the Phone

Auto Client Care, are industry experts dedicated to training automotive dealership professionals to deliver world class service over the phone.


Mark Rodriguez: Auto Client Care’s Inspirational Leader

Mark Rodriguez has been in the automotive industry since 1991 and today leads the team at Auto Client Care. Mark and his team have implemented sales and service business development strategies and techniques in some of the most progressive and successful dealerships in America.

Unrivaled Training: You Deserve It, We Provide It.

Auto Client Care understands that in today’s environment we are judged by what we say, how we say it and how our message is communicated to the people we serve. Whether Auto Client Care’s conducting in dealership training or giving specialized workshops for dealer associations like GNYADA and NJCar Auto Client Care is striving to elevate the communication skill sets of the people we serve..

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Early Morning Starts

Navigate the New Reality: Creating Seamless Transition from Online to Offline

The challenge posed by the technological revolution for Auto dealerships is the migration of the so-called ‘online/offline customer experience’. Nowadays the number of showroom visits a customer makes before a new car purchase is on average 1.4 – down from four visits. Customers walk into a dealership with their homework done. They will have browsed websites, read reviews, visited social networks and community forums – and at that point, the role of the dealer is no longer that of an information source, but that of a product experience provider. In order to avoid an anti-climax, dealers need to facilitate a seamless transition from the online to the offline (dealership) experience. Auto Client Care are the industry experts at helping Auto Dealers navigate the new reality.


Incredible Training: The Proof Will Be In Your Increased Profits

Auto Client Care are the leaders in the field of training auto dealership personnel. Our training is tailored to our client’s needs and results in measurable improvements in the performance of key service personnel. If you are looking for a ten minute hype high look elsewhere, if you want serious bankable results call us.


The Receptionist

The Receptionist is the ‘director of first impressions’ whether in store or on the phone, and consequently a incredibly important position. An Auto Client Care trained receptionist will increase a dealer’s bottom line.

The Components of Influence

Our advanced training techniques go beyond merely statements of the well known psychology of influence to how to use the knowledge to transform the normal to the extraordinary.


Our training goes well beyond the Cliché, ‘You never get a second chance to make a great first impression’. Auto Client Care trains how to ‘greet’, – how to stand, how to gesture, how to effect confidence and what to say.

Answering Questions

How to garner all the information you need AND answer customers questions is a hard skill that will be mastered in Auto Client Care training and our ongoing monitoring program ensures standards are maintained.

Control Process

Our ‘Control Process training’ empowers dealers to control the sales process, so that the sale is made because the customer is confident in the dealer’s ability to find the perfect vehicle for them.


A dealer must get a customer’s details, – Name, Number and Email, and such must be accomplished with the customer feeling at a minimum comfortable. Auto Client Care training ensure customers feel assured.


Auto Client Care training will result in higher appointment rates, our training is much more than scripting, it is about mind-setting and positioning.

Script Mapping

A sales script does not a sales person make. Auto Client Care Script Mapping training empowers dealers to develop a sub-conscious ability to know what to say to engage the customer.

Advanced Leadership

Taking responsibility and leading a team of dealers to success requires considerable skills. Auto Client Care has developed The Advanced Leadership program to support leadership development and continual learning.

Excellence is Fun

Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit. -Aristotle



A Review

  • Unrivaled Training

  • Training for the New Reality

  • Perfect Greeting Training

  • Information Gathering

  • Advanced Leadership

  • Customized to our Clients Needs

  • Specialist Receptionist Training

  • How to Really Answer Questions

  • The Art of the Appointment

  • 25 Years of Experience

  • Components of Influence Training

  • Control Process Training

  • Script Mapping

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Vostit Video Email: The Ultimate Video Solution Platform

Auto Client Care has joined forces with Vostit Video mail to offer Auto Dealers based in the United States the Ultimate Video Email and associated Video services to super charge their communications with their customers. Video email is a powerful tool, and when used properly will improve many of the key performance metrics of a dealership, including sales, reputation management and customer retention.



Why Video: Because Video Produces Results

Selling is as much a science as an art, and understanding the science – “the psychology” of selling will help you make more sales and increase your bottom line. Selling is about communication, what we say and do and how we do and say those things. Nothing will beat meeting the customer directly, but when you can’t be in front of the customer the next best thing is a great video.

Vostit Video Email: The Real Deal

Vostit stands well above the competition, let us offer you a few key differences: Price; Vostit is priced exceptionally competitively. Graphical interfaces; bar none Vostit produce the best graphical customizations that sit along the video messages. Streaming; Vostit use powerful streaming methods that deliver the videos in a timely, clear and secure way. Applications; Vostit apps are compatible with Android and Apple.


Vostit Video Email: Empowers Communication

Vostit Video Email is a great way to improve communication and consequently Vostit has multiple business applications. Many Auto Dealers are using video mail to improve customer service, a message from a member of the team who is actually dealing with the customer is so much better than a flat impersonal text email.

Vostit for Auto Dealers


 Client Reviews: Kind Words

Auto Client Care works with over 5,000 clients and our success is based upon the results our clients achieve in increased sales and improved net margins.

“This class was great..”

“I’m able to take these tools back to my dealership and exceed! Thank you.”
- Krystin Burke, Browns Jeep-Chrysler-Dodge

Great instruction & guide as always. Reminded of the basics…get what you need before you give what they want. Improve my reporting and performance analysis. Work on my performance so I can step in more frequently to assist my team when they stumble. Video! Video! Video!
Antoinette Gordon-Hessing, Mercedes-Benz of Brooklyn
Auto Client Care will elevate you and your entire team to a new level of success
Michael Renaud, Leader Auto Group
Informative, helpful. Too short – maybe a weekly workshop or training session would be great.
Julia Reyes, City Mitsubishi
Great Workshop!!! I knew the workshop was going to be good when you started off saying I’m not afraid of sharing knowledge… That’s a sign of strength (I love to learn from people a lot better than myself.) Thanks very much…you will get emails from me. Great Workshop!!!
Thomas Carter, All American Ford
As a brand new BDC Manager for 30 days, the information was very helpful. Auto Client Care was very informative. They answered every question and was very honest with their answers to bring out the best results within the BDC Reps and BDC Managers. I appreciate all the information provided and look forward to more trainings in the future.
Kraigh Thomas, White Plains Auto Group
Auto Client Care knows the craft and has perfected the art of training
Roger Baichan, Silver Star Mercedes
This is my second training with Auto Client Care. My first was the BDC Boot Camp. It was great to see how they tied in both sessions. As well given the month between classes, I had the opportunity to use his techniques successfully.
Rob Nerl, New Rochelle Chevrolet
If you come in with an open mind and willing to put aside what you think you know, Auto Client Care will take you and your BDC to the next level.
Marc LaMassa, New Rochelle Hyundai


I Want The Best, I Deserve The Best

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